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Ball Skills


This week we would like you to practise your aiming skills.

Here are some things we would like you to practise.


Get a large ball like a football. Sit opposite a partner in a straddle position (wide legs) and use two hands to roll the ball in a straight line so that the partner receives it. Encourage the children to concentrate on aiming for the wide target made by their partners legs and gently roll the ball to them.  As their partner rolls it back they should focus on watching the ball back into their hands.



Can they do 5 rolls without their partner moving? Ask the children to see how many rolls they can do to their partner without them having to move. Encourage the children to count out loud.  

When your child is ready to move on, swap their large ball for a smaller ball eg. a tennis ball and ask them to do the same (it might be easier to roll the tennis ball with one hand). 



Tell them they have 30 seconds to roll the ball to their partner as many times as they can, counting out loud as they go. They only count if they their partner receives it in their legs!  How many can they do and can they beat their score?

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