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Week 2

Week 2




Well done everyone for practising writing your name. This is such an important skill and you'll use it throughout your whole life! Now we need to make sure that the letters we write are formed correctly. Have a look at the letters below to check that when you're writing your letters, you start in the right place. 

If you think you need more practise, don't forget to look at our handwriting page found here:

On this page you will find videos and extra activities to help you write your letters. Good luck!



In maths we are learning how to count objects accurately, even if those objects are all jumbled up in a pile! We can organise them and apply each object with a number, e.g. putting your teddies in a line and pointing/touching each teddy whilst counting "1, 2, 3 etc". Can you count your toys are home accurately? 

If you are counting objects that can't be moved, e.g. something in a photo, or in the distance, try pointing whilst counting!


Whilst counting, this week we are focussing on the number 1. What does the number 1 mean? How much of something is 1? We will be looking at different ways 1 is represented. Can you think of a shape with only 1 side? Can you think of a coin that is only worth 1 penny? Is there anything on your body that you only have 1 of? How many different ways of showing 1 can you think of? 


Here is a video to watch to help you learn about the number 1! Maybe it will give you some ideas!


My Body

Here is a simple body with some labels. Can you find all those body parts on your own body? 

Here is a challenge - what are the body parts that have labels missing on this girl?

Do you have any pets? Does your pet have the same body parts as you? Are any of them different?Why do you think that is?

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