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Here you will find this week's learning for literacy. 


Don't forget to look at our Growing Dictionary Page from last week and see how you can help us! Click here.


This week we will be looking at non fiction texts to learn about different flowers. Then we will be making a fact file about our chosen flower. 


Can you talk with a grown up about these plants and write the correct name under each of these pictures? You may recognise a lot of these plants from your local area, school and on your walks!

The first one has been done for you. 


Here is the link that is not working below.

Wednesday and Thursday

Choose a flower from the learning above.

Can you make a fact-file about it? You will find a download for the under the picture. Good luck!




Enjoy Miss Campbell's reading of The Bad Seed - >



Some things to think about...


This story is about a sunflower seed that everyone has decided, even himself, that he is “bad”. What do you think makes him think he is "bad'?


What sort of things does he do that he thinks are bad? 


The seed heard people saying that he was bad. How do you think he felt about that?


How do you think the seed felt when he fell to the ground? When he was in the bag? When he was almost eaten?


Why do you think he decided to change?


THE GOOD AND THE BAD: Although he called himself a “bad seed,” truthfully everyone has both good and bad days. Can you think of 3 good things you have already done today? 


Super thinking everyone! 


Have a good weekend! See you next week :) 



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