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Lego Club

Lego Club is run every Thursday lunchtime by Mrs Riches. The children use their imagination, develop creativity and problem solving skills and there is mixture of activities to do as the weeks progress. Sometimes the children have a theme to build, sometimes they have an instructional build, or a solution build and sometimes they can free build. 








Lego club is also a sociable club. Our children chat about their interests, where they have been-even their favourite foods. 



Here are some of the things the children have said about lego club;


'We can build cool stuff'


'It is lots of fun'


'You can build something from your imagination, then make it better'


'You can build something, break it up, then build it again'








Some of our children become experts and use their expertise to teach other lego club members.


Below are some of photographs from an instructional build.












We are having great fun working on joint projects

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