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This week in maths we are learning about Arrays. 


When objects and pictures are organised into neat rows and columns, we call it an array. 


Have a look at this chocolate bar. The blocks on the chocolate bar are organised into columns and rows, so this is an array.

Here is a powerpoint about arrays. 


Activity 1


Watch the video below - Miss Miners is going to show you some arrays. Look for the Year 1 folder and your video is called Year 1 arrays.

Go on an array hunt around your house. Can you spot any objects that are in an array? Take a picture of al the arrays you can find and upload them to Tapestry.

Activity 2


Here are some pictures. Some of them are arrays and some of them are not arrays. We need to sort them out. 



Cut out each picture and sort them into 2 groups: arrays and not arrays. Stick these into your blended learning book. You could sort them into a table like this!


Activity 3


Today we are going to look at repeated addition using arrays. This will be a live lesson. 


We can use an array to help us with addition. We are going to have a look at making our arrays into number sentences. When we add using arrays, we don't add each object individually. We can count in groups.


Have a look at this array. it is sorted into rows of 2 eggs. We can count in 2's to find out how many eggs there are altogether. To help you, you could circle the groups of 2. 



We can write this as 2+2+2=6


Here is another example. These circles are sorted into groups of 2, but this time there are more columns. 



We can count in 2's again to find out how many circles there are altogether. 


Our number sentence for this is 2+2+2+2+2=10


Have a go at writing your repeated addition sentences with the arrays below. 






Activity 4


Next we are going to make arrays with objects around your house. You could use: 

  • cheerios
  • lego bricks (need to be the same size)
  • buttons
  • pasta


Sort your objects into rows of 2, 5, or 10. Have a go at counting them using repeated addition. 

Take a photo of your arrays and upload them on Tapestry. 



Activity 5


We are going to have a go at recording our arrays. Below are some numbers. Have a go at making an array out of these numbers. Then write your repeated addition number sentence below. 


                    4          6             8           10         15     


Here is an example:


I am going to choose the number 6. 


To draw this array, I am going to draw circles in rows of 2 until I have drawn 6 circles. 


Next I am going to write my repeated addition number sentence. 



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