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Communication and Language

Find a moment in your week were you can sit down with your family or phone a friend and discuss the questions below. Share your thoughts and ideas.

































Who am I?

Can you figure out which animal Miss Campbell is describing?

I have 4 legs

I have large floppy ears

I am grey

I have a long trunk

Which animal am i?


Well done you were right! I am an Elephant!


Continue to play the game, 'Who am I?' See the attachment below for the animal guessing cards.

 Take it in turns to read out the sentences and figure out what animal is being described.



Have a go at making up your own. Can you think of a animal and write/say four facts about them for your partner to guess.

Maybe you could share these with us on Tapestry for your teachers to guess.

I wonder how many we will get correct!


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