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Monday - TaeKwonDo (Year 1 & 2)

At Bishops Waltham Infant School we teach Freestyle TaeKwonDo. Our TaeKwonDo training sessions are available for ages 4 and above and focus on forms (patterns), sparring, basic self defence and board breaking.


What is Freestyle TaeKwonDo?


TaeKwonDo is a relatively new martial art compared to others. It was created by Korean General Choi Hong Hi in 1955. The name “TaeKwonDo” translates to ‘the way of the foot and fist’ . It first brought to the UK in the 1960’s and is now practiced by millions all over the world. Over the decades, this martial arts has evolved via those that have trained in it to some of the highest levels of Black Belt. Despite being heavily based on General Choi’s Chang Hon style of TaeKwonDo, Phoenix SMA also has other elements incorporated into its class. It also take onboard practices from other styles of TaeKwonDo, which is why it is referred to Freestyle TaeKwonDo. This open minded approach encourages knowledge to be shared and not ignored just because it comes from a different source/style.


Some of the main reasons Freestyle TaeKwonDo has become so popular , is because it creates numerous positive effects when training in it:


  • Self Discipline
  • Confidence Building
  • Body Conditioning
  • Improved Stamina and Fitness
  • Self-Defence
  • Improved Flexibility & Mobility


Anyone wishing to start learning Freestyle TaeKwonDo or has trained in other styles of TaeKwonDo are welcome to come along and join those that already reap the benefits of what it has to offer.


To book a place call 07877 754 578 for more information or visit our website in the link below.


TaeKwonDo After-School Club Flyer - September 2023

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