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It is important to stay active even while you are at home.


Every day this week we would like you to chose one of the activities from the Stay Active At Home Ideas on the Keeping Fit and Healthy Page.


Will you chose Cosmic Yoga, dancing or will you join Joe Wicks for his daily PE Sessions at 9.00am each day.


Something New!:

Miss Campbell has been enjoying joining in with Joe Wicks everyday but has decided to try something else this week too!

My extra activity i am going to try is the, 'Get Moving With Disney Family'. These videos are Disney themed adventures to get you moving and dancing like the different characters from your favourite Disney movies. Will you follow Peter Pan to Never land (I know i might!) or will you look for the Bare Necessities with Mowgli and Baloo?


Let me know what you think!


Make sure the whole family are involved and tell us what you are doing on the blog. Have fun! smiley

Fine Motor Development:


In order for children to write it is crucial that they build up their fine motor strength and control. In order for children to meet ELG, at the end of the year, children need to demonstrate that they can handle tools, objects, construction and malleable materials effectively, safely and with increasing control.


Cutting Skills Activity:


Something the children particularly find tricky is holding and using a pair of scissors effectively.  Can you child use this tool effectively to change different materials? Have at practise with some of our activities below:

School Illustration