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This week in maths we are looking at addition and subtraction number sentences.

First of all, let remind ourselves what these symbols mean:



 This symbol means add. When we add two numbers together, the number gets bigger.




This symbol means take away, or subtract. When we subtract the number gets smaller.



This symbol means equal. We put this in a number sentence to show the answer. It means the same as, so both sides are the same.


 +  and are opposites to each other, they do the opposite job.




Activity 1


Here is a grid showing some coloured cubes.

We are going to write number sentences using the grid.



Look at the coloured cubes. There are 3 blue, 4 yellow and 7 green cubes. Let’s use these numbers to look at an addition number sentence. When we add the blue cubes to the yellow cubes, the answer is the same amount as the green cubes so we can write:




You could also write 4+3=7


Lets think about subtraction number sentences using the same cubes:




or 7-3=4


Have a go at writing number sentences using the following grids:



Activity 2


Look at the flowers below. They have different numbers on them. Have a go at writing number sentences using these four numbers. Write these in your blended learning book. How many can you come up with?



Challenge: below are some blank flowers. Choose 4 of your own numbers. Can you to write some number sentences using these numbers?


Activity 3


Oh no! The cheeky dragon has stolen some of the numbers! We need your help to put the numbers back in.


These sentences all have an add sign in. Count on from the first number until you get to the answer, you could use blocks or a number line to help you! If you find the first sheet easy, try the second one – the numbers are bigger.




That silly dragon has taken the numbers in the subtraction sentences too! Have a go at finding the missing numbers. Remember when we subtract, or take away, our answer gets smaller.





Activity 4


We are going to play a game of tug of war. For this game you will need your ruler, a dice, and 2 pencils to use as a pointer. This is a 2 player game. 


Lay your ruler in front of you. You both start on 15. Put your pencil down so it points to 15.

You will both roll a dice in turns.

Player 1 will add.

Player 2 will subtract.


Player 1 will aim to get to 30.

Player 2 will aim to get to 0.


Whoever get there first is the winner!



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