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We will begin to design our wheeled vehicle this week using the information we have gathered from the challenge cards. If you are unsure of which team you are in, please email your class teacher. You can find the challenge cards below, to remind you of the requirements of the vehicle.

Using the design page of your booklet, create an independent design for your vehicle. It must have a a rectangular base for wheels and axles to attach onto, but the rest is up to you. It needs to be functional, purposeful and appealing.


We will then combine your ideas with the rest of your teams', to create a team vehicle design.


In Science we are conducting an experiment on the properties of materials. We want to see which materials are best suited for our wheeled vehicle, so we want to know which materials are waterproof, insulating and opaque.


To test if a material is waterproof you will need to cover a cup with the material and drip water onto it. Is the cup still empty? If it is, the material is waterproof.


To test the opaqueness of a material, shine a torch through and see if the light shows, if it does not it is opaque.


To test the insulation of a material, wrap it around a bottle of warm water and check the temperature after an hour. Did it keep the bottle warm?


Record your finding in the worksheets below.


Spend some time outside this week being active.


In school we are starting basketball, so if you have bouncy ball at home try bouncing and catching the ball. To challenge yourself, you could try walking while you are bouncing the ball, this is called dribbling.

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