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2021 Schools' Bird Box Project

Dear Parents/Carers,


Update - there are 9 eggs!


"When will our chicks fledge and leave the nest?" is a question many of us will be asking over the coming weeks? The adult bird will often sit on a clutch of blue tit eggs for around 15 days. Then once the eggs have hatched the chicks will spend another 19 to 21 days in the nest growing before they fledge (leave the nest) and learn to find and catch food for themselves. Add these two figures together and the average Blue Tit or small garden bird will spend in total between 38-40 days in the nest from the moment the egg is first visible to the day it flies away.


The young chicks should start appearing very soon and will fledge and disappear between the last week in May and the first 10 days in June.


So set your watches and keep your eyes peeled from around the 25th May onwards!


Seenature have published their viewing figures for the Week Monday 26th April to Monday 3rd May, Bishops Waltham Infant School are 9th on the list with 208 visitors.


1. Gateway Primary 454 visitors  2.  Shakespeare Infant 427 visitors   3.  St Pauls Nelson 350 visitors   4. Hart Plain Junior 318 visitors  5.  Salfords Primary 285 visitors  6. St James Primary West End 269 visitors   7. Weston Shore Infant 267 visitors  8. Castlehill Primary 262 visitors  9. Bishops Waltham Infant 208 visitors

10. Woodborough Primary 203 visitors  11. Milford School  195 visitors  12. Bean Primary 188 visitors   13. Brompton & Westbrook Primary 186 visitors  14. Kings Worthy Primary 181 visitors  15. Cecil Road Primary 172 visitors  



Seenature website - New weekly website articles


This week the focus in on "What do birds like to eat?"


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Kind regards

School Office, Bishops Waltham Infant School

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