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Safety when learning remotely

Dear Parents and Carers


it is great to see so many children logging on remotely for our live zoom call, story and lessons this week. We are currently updating our policies to reflect remote learning and when completed these will be sent out to you. In the meantime, please can you abide by a few simple rules that we already use in school, to comply with our safeguarding procedures, GDPR and child protection policy. 

1. Please do not allow your child to zoom from their bedroom. There should be no inappropriate objects or words in sight.

2. Zoom calls, screens or lessons should not be recorded in any way. The school has not given permission for this. We regard our online teaching, the same as our class teaching. Videoing, photographing is strictly forbidden to protect the children in our care. 
3. Our zoom calls will be made with one other adult in earshot at all times. We will not request 1-1 sessions with children and will have other adults present at all times.

4. We do not have a social media platform. We are aware that some parents have made some/joined some. Again, our school has not given permission for images/ videos to be used on these platforms especially zoom screens. 

These are just a few points. I know you are all really keen and want to show us what you can do, but the safety of all children is paramount.  Thank you so much for your cooperation. I have been amazed by the learning taking place and uploaded to tapestry - I know your teachers have been too. Well done all! 

Best wishes 


Mrs Riches

School Illustration