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Successes to Celebrate

Dear Parents and Carers


Well done on surviving another week of Lockdown. You are doing a fantastic job at home and we have loved seeing all the brilliant learning! Teachers are having excited conversations about what they can do next with the children. As always, with the amazing staff at our school, ideas are shared and tips are being swapped. We all love the ease of being able to feedback on learning through the Tapestry App. Your children,s journals on there are looking great, 


One thing that is really shining through the remote learning is the individuality and the creativity of the learning taking place at home. You are blowing us away! We have also been really impressed with the quality of the learning taking place and also the improvement in the children’s handwriting,


Our zoom lessons in the morning have been really successful with the children. It is our time to let the children know what is happening in the day and sometimes the teacher will do some teaching immediately afterwards. We take our register in these sessions and they are really important to log into. We have a duty of care to all children at BWIS, whether learning in school or remotely, and it is important for us to see the children and for them to see their friends. We are also enjoying the stories, but understand if you have chosen to exercise with your child then. This ending to the day, will help you to structure the day with your children and an end to their learning.


Well done to everyone who got their pack request in today, They are ready and waiting for collection on Monday.. We do not have the capacity to offer any extra places to what is currently in place, and appreciate everybody juggling hours and using support bubbles to help us keep our school as safe as it can be. We understand how hard it is and for this reason we are working in partnership with you to help as much as we can.  We will not be setting up regular 1-1 call/zooms as we are doing the whole class ones. We are here to help when needed however.


Some parents have mentioned their children are missing their friends, which is why the zooms are especially Important to see their friends and their teachers every day. Some parents have set up some separate small zoom sessions too- what a great idea! We would also welcome any videos from our parents who would like to make one, to share with children. We are aware there are some very talented mums, dads, grandads and grandmas out there and if you would like to share an activity, or something interesting please send it in. ( examples of this could be making something  art and crafty or a song or even a skill/ job!)


Any interesting general sites we find that are good fun for all ages, we usually add to our ‘Learning Links’ page under the Children tab. There are some great projects and fun things on here. We also have links for children’s well-being and health under ‘Keeping Fit and Healthy’ page also under children. A fun app I recently found is ‘Quiver’ which is free to downlaad and brings colouring and pictures to life- it’s really good fun to use with young children.


We have had three new tablets bought by a family and donated to the school. Parents are also bringing in laptops and  iPads that can still connect to the internet. If you are struggling to connect, thanks to the generosity of these families, we can help, so please come and let us know.



The learning certificates are all winging their way to our children as we speak and thank you to everyone who came to our assembly to celebrate our learning and have a boogie today, I won’t take up any more of your time but just wanted to reassure you you are doing great- so WELL DONE! 

Have a lovely weekend.


Best wishes


Mrs Riches

School Illustration