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A Message For Parents and Carers

Dear Parents and Carers

I just wanted to write a not of reassurance in these strange times ahead. From emails, the Blog and even Facebook let me say you are all doing an amazing job!


I am sure you are all feeling a bit lost, overwhelmed and sad. I know I do! The children will be feeling this too but might not be able to put these feelings into words but show it in their behaviour. They have lost their routine, their friends, school, clubs and even seeing extended family, and you have too! It will take a while for you all to settle into your new routines.


At school there are lots of opportunities to 'play', chat, create, read stories and make choices. Lots of our learning is 'hands on' and practical with no recording or even sitting down! So play games, read to them, make models, cook and talk!


Allow the children and yourselves to grow into a routine which suits you all! It doesn't need to be a rigid timetable as the internet suggest, unless that works for you! Getting bored at times stimulates the imagination, creativity and independence. Have a cuppa and let them chose what to do next.


The wellbeing of you, your children and family is vitally important! Stress and confrontation of learning is not a solution for anyone. I can remember myself and my daughter shouting at each other and crying over homework. It really isn't worth that! So... STOP. Walk away.  Change the activity. Try again tomorrow!


Best of luck to everyone and try to enjoy this special home time together.



Love to you all

Penny Campone




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