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Parking near a school

We have had a complaint today about the lack of visibility on approach to the school whilst crossing over. 4 cars were parked on the yellow zigzag lines this morning. The Highway code is very clear about not parking near a school entrance:


" Rule 243, you should not park near a school entrance — as well as anywhere that would prevent access for emergency services, at or near a bus stop, opposite or within 10 metres of a junction, over a dropped kerb, and in front of an entrance to a property."


Yellow zig-zag lines

Yellow zig-zag lines outside schools indicate the length of road where stopping or waiting is strictly prohibited. You may also find an upright sign, indicating a mandatory prohibition of stopping during the times shown.


These rules are for SAFETY. With more children attending school and the volume of traffic using the estate, it is imperative that cars are not blocking the visibility to pedestrians outside our school. A few weeks ago, we informed you of what happened to an elderly resident when a dropped kerb was blocked by a car. We will now be working with the local police regarding car owners who are creating a risk to the safety of the children attending our school. Please consider how you would feel if your negligence caused a serious injury or worse to a small child, and park responsibly.




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