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Weekly Update Friday 1st December

Well this week turned out a little more eventful for us all with our OFSTED visit on Tuesday and Wednesday. The children really enjoyed sharing their learning with the inspectors and our staff are all relieved that the wait is over. We cannot let anybody know what our grading is at the moment, but we can let you know how much our children loved sharing their learning with the inspectors, how proud they were of their books and how brilliant the inspectors thought the behaviour was in our school. This inspection used a different framework to our previous inspection and over half of our teachers had not had an inspection before, so were understandably a little nervous. Everybody wanted to show how special our little school is, and what a lovely nurturing place it is for children to learn in, and adults to work in. We look forward to sharing our report with you all and the wider community in January.


Our Post Box is now up for any Christmas Cards that are being sent. Please remember to put the child's name and class on the envelope. Our LSAs (or Christmas Elves as we know them), have done an amazing job of making our school all Christmassy today, and I would like to thank them for all their hard work doing this. Thank you also to the PTA elves who worked together to make our Christmas tree happen and look beautiful in the front of our school.


Next week will be our Christmas Bazaar Shopping Day for all children. Thank you to everyone who volunteered. We can't wait to get started! Everybody has a shopping list in their bookbags this week. The key things to remember on Tuesday is:

Correct money (in labelled purse/secure envelope)

Shopping carrier bag with name on

Shopping list

And we will all take care of the rest!


I also was lucky enough to come to Year 2s fabulous New Zealand outcome this week. Our children were amazing geographers, sharing their skills and knowledge with their parents and grandparents. One of our governors who came along was very impressed, especially with the facts the children could recall and tell him, and of course with their Hakas. Well done to the Year 2 team for another successful project!


Year 1 have started their angel project and have been busy looking at how angels are depicted in art. I can't wait to see their finished, unique designs!


Year R had amazing fun on their Gruffalo trail through our grounds. Luckily, the rain help off for us to be able to go outside a lot more than the past few weeks!


Lastly, I would like to thank all the parents who wrote us kind messages and gave us chocolates and cake during the inspection. We have lots of parents who work in education and understand the pressure of the two days. We also thank the parents who filled in the 'Parent View'. We really appreciate you taking the time to do this too, and remember our door is always open f there is something you would like to let us know (which many of you already do).


Wishing everybody a lovely peaceful weekend-somehow I think it may be slightly noisier due to elves and advent calendars!


Best wishes

Mrs Riches



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